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Our Proceses

* Sender defines what he intend to send.
* Information of the reciever are entered.
* Information of reciever are analysed to see if services can reach his/her door steps.
* Approval of reciever information.

* Delivery charges payment by the sender.
* Packaging of the goods to be delivered
* Delivery Date/time calculation based on reciever location. )NOTE; Weather might influence the delivery date but notification shall be given to the recipient if any.
* Notification of Delivery information to the receiver/clients which includes the Api reference code (Tracking code) which the receiver can use to monitor his/her package.

* Movement of Package/goods from our based to various Destination of the reciever.

* validation / Verification of the paperwork and information as submitted by the sender and reciever.
* Reciept of Package by the reciever. (via a post office or Door step)
* Documentation/Envidence of collection.

Suziki Trans Global Logistics AND CUSTOMS- Working Together to Deliver
CUSTOMS: Customs Definition.
First and foremost, Customs is simply an authority or agency that resides at country level. Its first responsibility is not only the collection but also the safeguarding of customs duties.
This management of customs duties is essential for controlling the flow of goods in and out of a country. Therefore, the customs process begins in the country of origin and ends in the country of destination. Suziki Trans Global Logistics manages all queries from the customs authority on your behalf. Once your goods are cleared, we arrange for transit before final delivery.
*Customs: restricted goods
Depending on local legislation and regulations, the import or export of certain goods may be restricted or forbidden. It is the customs authority that has the large job of enforcing these rules. Furthermore, each and every local customs authority has the power to set its own import and export charges depending on the type of shipment it processes.
*What Customs Services can Suziki Trans Global Logistics provide?
Suziki Trans Global Logistics can offer you a wide choice of both standard and supplementary customs services. They include:
Import and Export clearance
High value clearance
Clearance authorization
Multi-line entry clearance
Bonded storage
Handover to broker
Post-clearance modification
Advice on tariff quotas
Advice on content classification
Bonded transit

our assurance is that no matter what it takes, we ensure that your goods is safely delivered to you.